De Industrie 2VD5

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Gear layout design.


You've accomplished a lot in a year. You've definitely captured the style of the engine you are modeling. It looks nice.

I'm indeed aiming to get as close as possible to the look of the real one.

In the design I try to use the same approach of the building blocks such to have functional bolt and studs in the correct places.

Once it is a running engine I will add more "fake" details e.g. mimic all the remaining nuts, bolts, oil lines etc of the real one.
Main bearing plates pre-machined in a package, now mounted for line boring to bring to size and improve concentricity.

Had to stop the cnc program after each pass to remove a birdsnest. Playing with feed, speed and depth of cut did not result in chip breaking.

Soft and tough material, but nice surface finish.


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