Cringle Turbine Castings received in USA

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Nov 20, 2015
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Gwynn's Island, VA
Hi Folks,

If this belongs elsewhere, feel free to move it, just seemed a good place to me.

Just received my Cringle Turbine / generator castings and bits and parts kit from the UK here in Virginia, USA. I can't see any purpose in doing a build log as it's quite unlikely that I could add anything to the already superb posting by Luke (darwenguy). Just wanted to let folks know that it took a bit under four weeks for the castings to get here, no hassles, no issues, very well packed and really excellent castings. The total cost with shipping was around 165 USD. So if anyone else is thinking that's a nice little casting set and wondering if it's available over here and how much now you know. The prints have all the dimensions, but they are not hand holding lots of notes and comments on set up sort of drawings, as old Joe Friday would say - just the facts ma'am. My machines are all imperial so it will take me a bit to figure it all out :) One of these days I really need to build or buy some of those fancy DRO gizmos for my lathe and mill. Or at least mount the igaging spars I've already got!


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