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Feb 26, 2011
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This engine is from a build from last fall (2016).

I didn't want to show the final engine, until I was able to run it on live steam. After all, what's a steam engine unless it runs on steam?

I freely admit that this is far from my best work. It leaks. It leaks a lot. My wife admits that she goofed up on the paint. But hey, it does run and this is not a life or death experience....

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Nov 30, 2016
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You say this engine leaks a lot:p yes there's a lot of steam but if I could point out that your steam outlet is directed at the camera at one point, the steam inlet at the other angle. Put some PTFE tape on the thread of the steam inlet screw, easily bought from a plumbing suppliers, or even B&Q. Also the mating faces of the cylinder and ports needs to be absolutely smooth,if you haven't already rub them on a piece of glass with some polishing paste like autosol. If the machining marks are bad then move up a level and use a grinding paste. Make sure all is removed and cleaned up before resembling so you don't undo your hard work. There is no leakage from the gland, though some simple washers on the cylinder endplates will help again PTFE. Try these simple fixes, (also direct the exhaust away from the engine so you can clearly see the remaining leaks), hopefully your engine should improve greatly:thumbup: