Collets for Enco 92010 lathe.

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Mar 13, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I am a newbie here and this is my first post. I would like to learn from those more experienced than I, and get some informed feedback. Thank you in advance.

I have an Enco 92010 lathe with a 3 jaw chuck. I also have an Enco mill that takes R8 collets. The chuck has too much runout to enable me to turn and remove the part with accuracy. I removed the chuck and checked the threaded nose for runout. As best as I can measure it has less that 1/2 thou runout which is more than adequate for my current needs. I would like to get an adaptor to use collets on the lathe. As I understand it my options are (A) buy/make an adaptor and drawbar for the R8 collets or (B) get an adaptor for front closing ER32 or ER40 collets. My intuitive preference is for the parallel closing ER collets thinking they would be more accurate but I would like the benefit of educated feedback.

I would imagine using the R8 collets would be the cheaper option if an adaptor is available, since I already have collets.

Im sure I'm not the first to want to fit collets to this lathe and this has been done before. The nose of the lathe is 2.25" od with 8 tpi and about .8" thread length.
My questions are (A): What is the best way to convert an Enco to collets?
(B): Can someone recommend a decent brand/supplier for decent quality parts? Cost is important but I don't want junk.

Thanks again,

I may be wrong so if someone comes with different information, don't discard it.

Your R8 collets work well on the mill. They hold tools with very tightly controlled sizing. If you were to move to R8 collets on the lathe, you are then restricted to defined sizes.

ER collets can close and hold a range of sizes. If your lathe stock isn't precisely on size, you probably have a collet that will hold it.