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Aug 11, 2020
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Isle of Man
I have just acquired a Boxford ME10 lathe and had great fun stripping it down to move it home, in doing so I came across a couple of minor issues, if anyone has any pointers I would feel much appreciated for any guidance.

1. The previous owner fitted a variable speed three phase motor with an inverter, he suffered with arthritis and therefore this was easier to do than belt/gear changes, but in trying to strip this down, one of the drive belts is trapped in the cast iron section that holds the top pulls wheels, is there a knack to removing these wheels?

2. I seem to be able to locate a small amount of data on other, earlier models of Boxford lathes, but absolutely nothing on the model ME10, Even the manuals I got with it refere to the MKII and AUD models and do not mention the ME10 in any way. And I don’t have much at all, Has anyone out there managed to find anything?

3. I stupidly did not take any photos of what the two V belts were located on what pulley, too eager to get the toy home.

4. I an not going to be using this for a very long time, still finishing off my new workshop and need to get hold of a swarf tray and maybe a stand as it did not have one , can anyone recommend what it’s best to coat the lathe in to stop it from rusting up?

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Feb 20, 2010
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I'm basically a Myford guy but would suggest that you save yourself a lot of anguish by buying A Series belting. You will have an exiting time joining the suff but it will be a lot simler than removing all the gears , spindle and whatever.

Speak to RDG Tools perhaps.

As to the rest of things there is a Boxford Users Group or was and is worth Googling.

Somebody said "south Bend copy' but I had to use a Boxford once - and had to overhaul it before using it. My excuse- sorry

I wish you better fortune


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