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  1. delalio

    YouTube of my projects - in 4K / UHD - Feedback welcome

    Hello all, So I've made a YouTube Channel for all my engineering works. It's called BestLathePlans, by recommendation from a friend. Only started the hobby about 18 months ago. Built a Stuart 10V already and about to start a Stuart S50 when some new reamers arrive. I created my channel about a...
  2. G

    Choosing Lathes??

    Hi all, I'm looking at buying a new small lathe. I see a used Hobbymat MD65 which looks in great shape locally or I'm gonna go for the Warco Super mini Lathe. I cant seem to make my mind up as to which is the better lathe. has anyone had any experience with the hobbymat? Gary.
  3. hermetic

    Colchester Student lathe refurb

    Hi guysa few weeks ago I finished the rebuild and repaint on my lathe, and also did a few repairs to it, including removing several loose spare parts from the bottom of both gearboxes, and putting them back where they should have been!I have also got a nearly new set of spindle bearings for this...
  4. H

    Lathe for sale

    Wanted to post this item from another forum on this forum because I believe buyers here might be way more interested than anyone on the other forum....please don't ask me any questions about it, as it's not mine Just trying to help if someone here has a need for a small lathe...
  5. N

    lathe chuck back plate

    Hi there, long time since I last posted here, I am about to purchase a new chuck for my grizzly metal lathe, I will be making a new back plate for it and was wondering if aluminium would be a good material to use rather than cast or steel? the reason for this is I have a good supply of aluminium...
  6. M

    HSS Lathe form tool shaping

    I need to make some 1/2 inch HHS form tools for my lathe I was thinking of buying some blanks then shaping them using a carbide tool on my mill. But from what I can tell that's a bad idea. Does anyone have any other methods short of surface grinder (I don't have one :() or buying tool steal...