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Big Old Lathe For Restoration

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Jennifer Edwards

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Aug 9, 2018
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Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

I am selling this for a friend. It lives in his garage here in Bridlington, England. It measures 36+ inches between centres possible even 40 inches with the tailstock in place. It has a swing of six inches over the bed (12" in diameter). There is a single phase 430 volt motor and a system of pillow blocks, shafts and leather belts , as well as a control box that goes with it. there is also a drip pan. I believe it has power cross feed as there was a second lever on the carriage but I would not swear to it. There is also a lever on the back of the gearing by the head, possibly a back gear or a reverse.

the motor turns a shaft underneath the back of the lathe, that turns a hub on the back of the lathe. There is a belt that goes to the ceiling from that hub, to an overhead shaft. there is a clutch lever that engages the belt overhead that turns the chuck. Someone industrious could probably modernise this setup if they did not want to restore it to the original configuration.

this thing is pretty rusty, but the carriage slides back and forth quite easily. I could not turn the chuck by hand.
My friend who has this thing, purchased it along with his home some fifteen years ago. It is mounted in his garage. it was supposed to have been in working order when he bought the building but he never did a thing to it.

He is asking £500 as is, where is. It is pretty easily accessible as it just sits in a corner on the concrete floor of a garage that used to be a small engine repair shop.

If I had the space I would give it a go.

If any of you recognise the model i would love to know as I did not notice any manufacturers markings.


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