Base casting for Lil’ Brother engine needed

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Mar 6, 2009
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I have a set of castings for the Lil Brother IC engine which is missing the base casting. I tried Ministeam but they are out of them. Anyone have a spare from a partial set of castings they wish to sell or trade for?
Well, they guy who gave me the castings also found the base and the prints. Here is a partially complete family shot. I made the heads a bit thicker to recess the spark plug and get it closer to the combustion chamber. My exhaust comes out the side of the head as per water cooled version…my blunder, but recovered.


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Finally completed the Lil Brother. Had it set up to run a 3.2:1 CR and it would run, but was difficult to get enough ooomph to run the fan. Added a cap to the top of the piston bringing it up to 4.5:1 and much easier to start and this resulted. The points were contact arms taken from a small 24v relay. Also made the head a bit thicker to allow the spark plug to be recessed into it to get it closer to the combustion chamber. All the fasteners were made from 303 hex stock.


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