Anybody Using Rhino 8?

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Feb 10, 2018
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Central Florida
I suppose that says it all. I'm looking for reactions, positive or negative, things to look for or look out for - whatever.

About this time last year I started thinking it was time to upgrade from ver 5 to 7 and then saw that 8 was going to be released Real Soon Now, so I decided to wait. It was released in late November, I think, with the same offer they always do: upgrade from any version for about 60% off the price. That ends next week, I think, but I decided to buy version 8. I just haven't made the time to install it yet. Too many other things going on.
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Just an update to pass on that it seems they updated the policy. As of this morning instead of the upgrade offer I used, which expired yesterday, they're offering the upgrade for existing users for 40% off.

Yeah, they say you need a valid serial number from any version to upgrade but that's kind of the definition of upgrade!
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I was looking at 8 for a while then got sidetracked by Plasticity. They are adding XNURBS to the Studio package ($300) which will be cheaper than the addon in Rhino ($400?).
I'm still keeping an eye out for Rhino 8 some day. I know I wouldn't be disappointed with it.