Another Stuart Twin Launch build started.

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David Shealey

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Aug 28, 2018
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Dandridge, TN United States
My experience with the 1963 drawings of the Sun engine were much the same. But I could easily rectify the errors. I understand your frustration about them being wrong. Bad business from Stuart I reckon. How about castings? Mine were all good.
My castings were good, but some were not used since the kit was non reversing, and I made all the reversing gear from scratch, so some of the original castings were not used at all. Actually, the only castings used from the original kit were: Cylinder, Connecting rods and caps, Base and main bearing caps, steam chests and covers, and bottom cylinder covers. I machined the pistons and top cylinder covers from Cast bar stock, higher quality than the CI in the kit. Everything else was from bar stock.

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