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Discussion in 'Mistakes, Blunders and Boo Boos' started by vederstein, Apr 22, 2018.

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    Must do dumb things....

    Feb 26, 2011
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    At the 2018 NAMES show, I purchased two QCTP tool holders from Little Machine Shop for my Phase II QCTP.

    I thought they were the correct size. The marking on the side was 205-102. They weren't. (In the photo the new one is on the left, my Shars holder is in the middle, and my Phase II holder is on the right).

    On the surface, the QCTP tool holders for a AXA and a BXA look about the same. (Especially so if one is going by memory.)

    Note to self: 250-202!

    Fortunately, they were relatively cheap. It's not worth the trouble of returning them. So I guess I'm gifting my brother in law (who recently purchased a Smithy) some tool holders.

    Live and Learn...


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