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Jan 8, 2018
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Recently sold my 10x30 Bolton Lathe and replaced it with a Weiss lathe of the same size. It has a variable speed control and will get down to a crawl, very close to lathes having back geared headstocks. Took the time to reorganize my bar stock materials which I buy or cut into 2 ft. lengths as this suits 99% of my needs. Made up some trays 8 inches wide by 24inches long to accommodate the various materials and shapes that I utilize, sure saves a lot of fumbling to find the needed material quickly. The well built lathe bench came from Sam's and has fully adjustable legs for easy leveling. Decided to purchase the 200 series QCTP as it is quite sturdy and will cut a hefty sized of cut on each pass. Especially like the 3/4" boring bar holder. To accommodate this size and type of QCTP requires some revisions as all the QCTP designs are provided with a T slot type mounting plate which doesn't work on import tools.
Overall I am very happy with the lathe with the power cross feed capabilities and endless speed ranges available. I do quite a lot of different materials that require numerous speed changes which are quite easy with this type of equipment.


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It's nice to see a new machine showing up on this forum. Restorations can save money for the home hobbyist but I wonder of we are giving up more than we gain.