Wilhelm Fredenhagen in Offenbach Hot Air Engine 1877

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Dec 9, 2012
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Hello all,
long time ago i did my last posting but i am always busy with the job and i have several other hobby ,to much. However in the last three years i built this hot air engine. Sorry, i didn't document that much but everybody knows how much time it need.
For this engine there is a drawing and casting kit available. It is not clear that the engine was ever built may only a prototype. At this time more and more new internal combustion engine came up to the market with higher efficiency so no markets for this engine anymore. Fredenhagen built also hot air engines from Van Rennes in license.
The beam at top, foundation is made of aluminium cast by myself also the joint connection on both side made of brass. The pillar is made of steel also the cylinder, piston gray iron. The displacer piston is made of a wood stove stainless exhaust tube with 0,6 mm wall thickness so it is not very heavy and low mass. The fire house is complete stainless made and has a ceramic wool insulation.View attachment 116716View attachment 116717View attachment 116718View attachment 116719View attachment 116720View attachment 116721

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