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Dec 5, 2011
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Erie, PA
When I joined this community way back when, It was a"fun" place.

Recently, I saw a post & was not able to view it.

I messaged "Sheldon" & he told me that only "Supporting" members were able to view it. Well.

I guess "Supporting members" is quite the literal term, Myself, along as MOST of you have been a "contributing" member of this site. I have drawings posted on this site, I've worked with many people who posted their drawings for free, I've put a lot of hours into doing drawings, & have them posted here. (CONTRIBUTED)

Become a "Contributing" member? I don't have that "Contributing" expanse to spend,

This really PISSES me off.

Only those that contribute monetarily are considered ''supporting members.'' It's a shame that people who contribute in the way of content, which in itself generates advertising income for this site, are not considered as supporting members. Not necessarily after a couple of posts but certainly someone like yourself who has over 500 posts and a reaction score of over 100 to his name.

Perhaps admin would consider changing their policy to include those who have made such a contribution to the site in content rather than hard cash. Say over 100 posts and a 50 reaction score.

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