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Aug 6, 2012
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Hi all

I have just acquired a used Warco ZX 15 Mill Drill (being delivered Monday) I bought it sight unseen apart from a few pics but it appears to be in super condition almost mint and the seller has given me a little history on it.

It comes almost fully tooled. Vice, Complete collet chuck set, Rotary table with division plates, Clamping kit, Slitting saws and arbour, Wavy and straight parallels, Fly cutter, End mills, V Blocks and a few other bits and pieces

I paid £650 for it and I think I have got a reasonable deal but what do you chaps think, bargain or rip - off ?

I was considering a Sieg SX2 from ARC Eurotrade which has the advantage of being a dovetailed column rather than a round one so it doesn't lose register when you raise the column but It's really a bit too small for my needs and it's £150 more just for the basic machine. By the time I'd got some tooling for it it would be around the £1400 mark.

I don't seem to be able to find a manual for it anywhere, I could of course try Warco themselves but as it's an oldish machine and no longer produced, they may not have one. From what I can discover it's made in Taiwan and is identical to an old type Chester Champion.

So If anyone knows where I can get a copy it would be much appreciated, as would advice and tips from anyone who has one.

Best Regards Mark