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Very complete CNC mill and Gear hobbing machine

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Dec 26, 2008
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Crewe, Cheshire, UK
There is a little story involved with these pieces, so before we start, these are pick up only from my home in Cheshire UK.

My very good friend and I wanted to make a CNC milling machine each, not the usual pick up the bits and bolt it together type, but where everything had been thought out beforehand, and using larger than normal ball screws would give a very powerful and rigid machine.

They were designed to be four axis machines and everything was purchased new with that in mind, including very good quality RT's and all the parts to convert them to CNC control. Unfortunately, my friend passed away a couple of months ago and I will never now be in a position to ever be able to start the conversion.

My one was outfitted with a Mach3 system using a small second hand XP desktop computer and a bombproof touch screen , complete with a wired in pendant plus the electrical box and everything else required to make a complete machine.

My one also comes with a completely separate operating system with a build in small screen, including a good quality wired in pendant, giving you the choice of whichever system you want to go with, old school or the latest technology

Everything, almost, except for a bit of wiring, bolts and plate material to hold bearings and steppers, even a special circuit board to control an external hi speed mandrel (included) and a digital speed readout

There has been around £3K spent on this unstarted project and is all stored in a dry clean environment.

John, my friend, started on his project before he succumbed and what he did achieve is shown here.

This is the mill in question (totally untouched except for unpacking)
A machine designed by John and made for Arc Euro ( and also sold through LMS in the US)

This is the start of the article that John was going to do, explaining why it was being done and even the first few articles about machining the castings.


I am letting All this go for £1500, pick up only, NO offers. As it stands, it is a bargain.

The second article is a set of castings for a gear hobbing machine (plus one spare casting).

These will also come with almost every article ever written about the machine, how to modify it to hob almost every type of gear you would ever need.



Again, pick up only. £250, NO offers

If you want to know any more, just ask, it might take a while to reply because of my treatment, but I will answer.


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