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Richard Carlstedt

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Jul 9, 2007
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Green Bay ,Wisconsin
There have been many postings on various Forums about this engine and requests for drawings
You may know that only a few drawings of the engine remain and required 20 years of study to gain their secrets
I was able to focus this information into the only detailed and complete set covering all parts ( over 1300 pieces/parts in the complete engine )
The engine i known as a Vibrating Lever-Half Trunk steam engine and only the original pulled from the ocean bottom after over 130 years exists today
The 1/16th scale replica I built had a video placed on Youtube 13 years ago----




After years of work, I have finished re-drawing my original AutoCad drawings of 20 years ago into a more modern format and created a drawing book which is 309 pages and was drawn for 11 x 17 format but may be printed on 8 x 11 . Those of you who receive Home Shop Magazine know from the March/April 2021 issue that HSM has graciously sponsored the FREE downloading of these drawings in PDF form . I want everyone, historian or model builder to have access to this important engine and it's mechanical construction You may download these drawings for your personal use only, and they are not to be resold or distributed for profit. They are copyrighted and registered with the Government so please honor this requirement . The Book has 18 subsections and it is delivered in 22 download packets for those who have slower internet links. Download and read the" Introduction packet " first !. The link for downloading is---

Home Shop Machinist Downloads

My Website has some great pictures of this engine and a quick preview of two pages from the Drawing Book and also 2 short video clips (20 secs) showing how it operates ------- Home

Enjoy the genius of John Ericsson in 1861
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Richard, thank you for the mountain of work that you did on this project. That is one of the most beautiful engine models I have ever seen. I followed your link to Home Shop Machinist and down loaded all of your drawings to study. I am a great fan of Capt. Nat Herreshoff and can see influences of this type of engineering on his work.The reverse mechanism is almost as complex as the side shaft valve system that he used on a lot of his inline engines. I am still trying to figure out how they machined an internal and external helical spline on one piece and then the mating splines on the other two mating parts of the cam shaft and external gear drive hub. Oh, and one spline was right hand and the other left hand and timed for angular advance. I would like to meet you someday at a meet. Thanks again ,Keith
I have been lucky enough to meet Rich several times, and actually see his Monitor in person.

Rich's Monitor is a stellar piece of work, but no less important is Rich's dedication to the model engine hobby in general, and his always pleasant and helpful personality.

The Rich's of the world are what made this hobby so much fun.

Thanks Rich for the years of hard work; definitely much appeciated, and thanks for the many enjoyable conversations too.

Pat J
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Such a fascinating engine, all credit to the original designer but most of all to your engineering skills sir. Looking at the kinematics of the drive chain is there ever a "dead spot" beyond which the engine will refuse to stroke on start-up?
Yours in awe, Graham
Sorry Graham for the delay, I have been deep into writing my "text" book on the Monitors engine and it is almost finished, and should be a great resource for those who have the drawing book and want more info on the designs .
The engine would start at any point of rotation, so yes, there are no dead spots.
Thank you for your kind words. !

Pat, the work goes on !
Keith , not familiar with Capt. Nat Herreshoff's work...yet .. Will check it out when I finish the current 4 year writting project..sounds really interesting though .


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