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Feb 8, 2008
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....big day at the House of Tel - first, Rory James put in an appearance at 2:28am and in the evening Tel's Paddys Day bash!



Hello Tel,

Congratulations! Is Rory James a grandchild or great grandchild?

Happy St. Patricks Day.

Mike O'Connor
Congrats Tel! Glad everyone is doing well!

Have some green beer on me! :big:

Congratulations Grandpa!

Betcha the youngun will think all the celebration is about him!
Congratulations Tel...the day started out well with Rory James arrival and no doubt ended equally well with the bash :)

Congatulations!!!! That'll be the end of sleeping through the night for a few years for mom and dad... I tell my two kids that they should not worry about not being able to sleep through the night, that it is only temporary and will only last about twenty one years!!!

Enjoy those young uns....

Congrats Tel!!!

Now you can at least tell the missus the hangover was well worth it this time!!!

Congratulations, Tel. When does his apprenticeship start?

That picture of you is glorious. Do you always look so cheerful or did they just catch you at an 'up' moment?
Tel, Congratulations on the new arival.

Perhaps my mental image of the rest of the leprechaun suit is more entertaining than a full photo - let's leave it at that.


Congratulations are in order. Looks like from here on you are going to have 2 reasons to celebrate Saint Paddy's Day. Having said that it also appears that young Rory James is going to be blessed/cursed with having his birthday on Saint Paddy's Day. Enjoy them and spoil them while you can, they grow up too fast. :bow:

Cheers :)


Many congratulations on the new arrival Tel !

;D Your photo must have been taken while waiting for the next Guinness

Kind regards, Arnold
Wonderful. Happy and healthy. Watch for chips in the pram
Congrats from me too...Hope Mum and baby are well and not to affected by the fumes from the Guiness :)
Welcome Rory James. Tell us a bit about your interest and experience.

Congratulations, Tel and Mom and Dad. Now the joy of life really begins.

Nice pic Tel. I always thought that leprechauns should look a little fierce. That cutsie elf stuff is OK for cookie making but Guinness and Jameson are the stuff of warriors.

Conrats Tel

Hope mum and Little Rory James are both doing well.

Thanks all! Rory is actually Grandchild no 7 (+ 2 step grandkids) - now I've got the beard I'm thinking of going into the patriarch business!