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May 5, 2017
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This is a very basic question. I have been puttering along on a 10V. My main focus is a Kozo Shay. I dig into the 10V when I hit a snag on the Shay. So the 10V comes along bit-by-bit.

My question....Where does the exhaust steam go? As I tinker with the parts I can't see how the exhaust steam escapes.

There is a drilled and tapped hole from the side of the cylinder to the central port


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Hi Reg, If you remember (Or didn't, which is why you posted the question) - The Steam is fed to the slide valve "on the outside" of the sliding body of the valve (but inside the valve chest). When a (White) end port is exposed it rushes into the cylinder through the drillings to the end of the cylinder.
The exhaust passes from the cylinder through the drillings from the other end to the appropriate end valve-port (not coloured) and to the middle port (Nicely coloured yellow by Jason) by passing inside the machined passage on the underside of the sliding valve. It then whistles down inside the cylinder block from the middle valve-port to a side drilling, whence it whooshes out and sprays everyone with dirty, oily, condensate. - Or out of the exhaust pipe to a condenser or oil separator, if fitted.
Why use a picture when I can write a thousand (confusing?) words?
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OK. I think that makes sense. I can tend to over think stuff. Thanks.

This has been my first real project in my shop. I have lots of mistakes. I should have an open account at Stuart for replacement parts. I have learned a lot and used what I learned to start work on a Kozo Shay. After spending over a year making the wheels, I needed a break, so returned to the 10V.

Once I successfully drilled the holes for the cylinder heads, I think I will return to the Shay and drill the holes in the wheels for the gears.

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