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Jan 29, 2023
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wirral UK
hello folks

I am a semi retired Electrician who is the wrong side of 55, I am also an avid caver (mainly armchair these days) but with an interest in all things mechanical and such stuff, I like steam engines, motorbikes , all the usual stuff, I built an Elmers horizontal mill engine after finding a set of drawings online and enjoyed it so much that I bought a set of castings for the Stuart D10 which was supposed to be a summer evenings project, however I completed it during Lockdown, so now I am looking around for something else.

I own a small Chester Conquest lathe that I have upgraded with new tapered tension bearings and metal drive sprockets and also a Hobbymat BFE65 vertical mill which is old as the hills but actually really nice, I squeeze it all into my 8x10 shed along with a wood lathe and various other bits like a bandsaw and router table set up.
below is a short video of the stuart that I built last running on compressed air.

That is about it...Hello

Welcome Paul, somehow we seem to have overlooked your entry here.

Great videos you have. You are into some interesting hobbies.

I have a collection of calcium carbide caving lamps.

Pat J
Hi Paul

That is a beautiful little D10 lovely timing both c's spot on . Purrs like a cat

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