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I knew a guy who used butane for tiny engines, spark ignited. Worked well by he was a watch maker ex-toolmaker and his work was super precise. He found the mixture/fuel amount to be very sensitive. Changed as the engines warmed: (As expected) but he used the tiniest needle valve with finest setting to run engines - and took a while to get it right on the first few.
Petrol is much more forgiving, as is Acetylene (Apparently - as my Atmospheric engine won't run on even that!). But Acetylene - made from a Caver's acetylene lamp gas generator with carbide tablets, is just the most dangerous gas I know! - and it stinks!
Small diesel aero engines will run on a wide range of fuel 15 ~40% Ether... but the ether can drug you to sleep! But TOO rich and they won't run. Also if there is insufficient compression at starting they won't run.
Glow plug engines (I fitted a glow head on my Diesel when it would not run) are much easier to start on lower compression engines that won't run on 1/3rd Ether/Kero and oil. (Mine started and ran!).
But if you have almost no compression, then a glow won't work either.
That's about all my expertise.

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