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Here is a picture of the 14” gauge taken around 1987. I co-owned it with friend in the 1980’s, we laid about 1200’ of track at a Threshing show grounds. I sold my share, and since then it was sold in the mid 90’s. It was built in late 40’s early 50’s by a gentleman in Illinois and ran at county fair until around 1973 when he completed a 15” gauge C B & Q 3000 Hudson, which is still being run at the fair. The 14” is a 4-4-4 arrangement, Wagner Castings. It got its name, Iron Pony, from the school children of the town.

My guess is there are people on this site that have seen both of these locomotives running.
>->Now back to Mike's questions. I have a suggestion that you look at a Jensen safety it has a 5/16-24 thread size. The spring on it is suppose to be easily modified. Here is link - Jensen Manufacturing Company, Inc.. For the price it might be worth a try. My wife should have one of these, I will post a picture later.
Bob, I remember the contest to name the "Iron Pony". I was in in High school in
Somonauk at he time the contest was held. I don't remember who won or what the prize was. As you know, both locomotives were built by Augie Otto in his shop south of Sandwich. The second locomotive still runs every year at the Sandwich Fair. I was told that whistle sound is actually a recording of the prototype engine for a more authentic sound. Thanks for your post and pictures. Brought back memories. Rick Hann
Sorry for the late comment,... I only stumbled upon this thread today. I recently built a pop valve using mostly brass hardware from a local hardware store. I posted my build, including a video, here: Pop Valve Build Rather than using a ball seal it uses a simple, mostly flat surface. I'm sure it's not as pretty as yours, but it works nicely.


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