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Wayne j

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Dec 22, 2019
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Just got this up and running. I bought it at auction a while ago with some other RMC engines. I can’t say it was easy though. The micro switch that controls ignition was broken, then the pin out the intake valve fell out and the valve ended up in the cylinder bending the valve and the crankshaft. So after making new parts and figuring out the timing it’s running. Hopefully I can adjust the governor to get it run a bit slower but for now I’m very happy it’s just running. Now I have to start work on the RMC flame engine to get it running. So far no luck so if anyone has any info on that engine let me know.



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The Flame ignition version is very dependent on the type of Gas used. When Nick designed it the MAP gas available at the time was a different mix to what is sold as MAPP gas now and does not ignite so easily.

Would probably work with one of the home brew mixes that simulate the old town or illuminating gas which is often done by using hydrogen with some propane added via mixing valves. Acetylene may also work.

I could not get my one to run with what gasses I had available so after a few emails with Nick I decided to converted it to 4-stroke and made an epycyclic gear to take care of the 2:1 timing. I took the existing cylinder out to 24mm bore, made a new head and also made the timing adjustable which is the lever you can see me moving.