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Jun 2, 2024
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Firstly, thank you for accepting me into this forum.
I have always had a soft spot for the grace of the Spitfire and the sound that its iconic power plant produces.
So back in 2009 I bought investment castings from Richard Maheu in California for a quarter scale V12 Merlin engine. I have lost touch with him since but the castings he produced are absolute works of art, a pleasure to hold and behold.
Engineer, recently retired, I have now a bit more time to spend on building this engine.
I have some self taught experience using small conventional machine tools, I enjoy making things on machine tools, but I don't qualify as an engine builder.
Indeed this is my first engine - its complex to say the least - a real challenge, and seeing now the time it is taking it might well be my last!!
I know this is not "a first" and I take my hat off to those here that have already built and run this engine.
I began by machining a number of the parts needed essentially from bar stock, this as a bit of a test really, before turning attention to the castings... the water pump first, then the front gear box cover, the crank case, the lower crank case, and now the cylinder blocks, a few tense moments in front of some of the challenges but up till now so far so good I think....
I am hoping that if/when I get to be unsure, I might be able to get a bit of advice from the experts on this forum.
For example I have absolutely no idea how to put together the magnetos and ignition system.
And I don't know too much about valves and the rating and dimensions of the valve springs.
Happy and successful engine building to one and all....

Lloyd W.
Welcome Lloyd, glad to have you.

Good luck on your modeling journey; what a fascinating project.

We look forward to seeing your progress.

Pat J.
If you haven't found it yet there is a complete build thread here by a member who built your engine. Terry Mayhugh who goes by the user name Mathugh1. Hope I spelled that right. Anyway my hat is off to you for undertaking such an ambitious project for a first build. I will be following.
Thankyou Dan, Yes I did fairly recently come accross this extremely detailed and informative account. It is in fact what lead me to this forum. I was by then a distance into the project but I have dipped into Terry Mayhugh's (Mayhugh1?) text from time to time.
He it seems started out with the castings whereas, as said before, I started on some of the bar stock parts first.