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Jul 8, 2007
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Every month we see great projects being posted and would like to bring special attention to a project.
It might be someone’s first effort or one made by an old timer who has been at this for while.
It might be made from bar stock, castings, or just stuff dug out of the scrap bin.
We don’t discriminate around here, we like them all.
This is intended to make the site more fun and hopefully everyone who has an engine that they built,
will be encouraged to post pictures of it.

We want everyone to remember that this is NOT a contest, but a means for the board
to acknowledge a member's outstanding efforts. It is a place where projects can have special attention
brought to them.

Each month a project is selected by a different anonymous active member, based on criteria which
takes into consideration the skill levels of the builder, documentation of the build as well as the finished project.
Working from within these guidelines, even the most newly blooded builder could find their project on display
for the month.

To participate please place a picture of and a link to your project in the Finished Projects topic.
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