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Mar 30, 2008
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I see Sheldon has added a new "Project Log " section to the forum but ask myself Why?

We Have the "Work in progress" section where build threads have been posted for years.

I have not seen any posts on here asking for such a forum, the only difference I can see is that other member can't post in someone else's thread. I think this is a great disadvantage as although someone could ask a question in by starting a new thread that is going to be less likely to happen than just being able to ask in a reply. It is also good to get the odd comment of encouragement to know your post is being read, again you will not get that. Take a thread like one of Brian's where 50% or maybe more of the content is not posted by him, the thread is not drifting off track but all the relevent comments and questions are in one place not in 30-40 different threads

My feeling is to boycot this new topic and use the existing one as it will continue to encourage interaction which is surely what a forum is about.

What do others think as I could not reply in Sheldon's post which just goes to show it is not a good move to have the lack of interaction.
I was quite surprised by Admin's decision and post .
Even though I have a different opinion ...with Brian, but honestly: I LIKE ALL OF BRIAN'S THREADS !
And that's what I really like all projects on the forum. And THANK YOU MEMBERS FOR SHARING.
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I would guess that if nobody uses the new functions/features, then eventually they will go away, or perhaps just remain in low usage.

If it is popular, then it sees a lot of use.


That's not the way to do it
Listen, choose...think, try to find the most suitable solution.
I said all my opinions in the moderator forum
I don't want to say anything more.
Last post .
One problem I can foresee is that new members will find the "project logs" section easier than "work in progress" and start posting about their build there. Let's face it most don't read the guidelines about a section anyway.

They will then wonder why nobody has commented on their build, get disenchanted and not post another build or even complete the initial one.

I am also surprized given that the recent casting section discussion seemed to go in favor of don't add more sections. I suppose this is a problem where Sheldon does not actually participate in the forum as other Moderators do. I would have hoped it had at least been discussed with other Moderators not just done off his own back.
Greentwin, I see your own forum (webpage really) has been down. Are you the one driving for this section to be added so you can just copy and paste the generally one sides content of your old forum here?

I see you have become a Moderator again after resigning so was that so you could have an influence? Minh's comment suggest it has been discussed between moderators.
Does it make sense to invest time and argue about it.
If someone wants to show something and doesn't want any direct feedback.
Then he can use this new section.
Anyone else who is interested in direct feedback on their work can continue to use the forum as they have since.
I don't understand the furor over such a rather unimportant topic.

My personal opinion is that if someone doesn't want direct feedback on their work, they shouldn't go public in a forum, but rather run their own homepage.
It's just that your own homepage doesn't get as many hits as a forum.
(Publishing a post without allowing feedback also has something to do with not being able to take criticism and is just self-expression.)
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My turn ..'s time I asked for an section : "True diesel engine - injectors and fuel pump" 😂
Anyone else have any other requests ? Please please request ;)
You can have that section provided I can have:

"Cut from Solid engines" and "Fabricated Engines". That section to be subdivided into "Fabricated by silver soldering" and "fabricated by JBWeld and Screws"

I was half tempted to make the first project log with glaring incorrect information and stolen images from other members claiming to be mine, and detailing terribly dangerous machining operations.
Which nobody could comment on.
Report it sure, but hey it's on the internet it must be true.
But I thought I may get banned, so I didn't, but I wanted to.

Yours truly
Nikola Tesla ( No really it's me ) ( Honest )
Guys, it's just a new sub-forum. It was brought to my attention and I thought it was worth trying. I'm always open to ideas. Send me a pm, I run it by the mod team since they will be moderating it, and if there's enough support I add it.

If it doesn't work it doesn't work. I close the forum, move the threads to the relevant forum, and that's it.

No one is being forced to use it, no one is being forced to look at it. If it's not for you that's fine, and if it's not for a lot of people I will take action.

I don't understand the resistance, but it will be considered while the new sub forum plays out. I appreciate everyone's thoughts, and if you have an idea for a forum (a serious one) let me know. I do prefer private messages for these sorts of things, but I will hear everyone out.

In the meantime, please enjoy HMEM, now with one additional sub forum...for now.
For those who request...including me ;)
If you can do at least as much as he did then you should ask[content]=thread&c[users]=mayhugh1&o=date

I say "at least" : because up to now, I've seen most of his projects and I don't seem to see him asking for anything. He just quietly does his job and brings great projects to the forum - Projects that most of us will probably never be able to do
But just look at the first page of his 289 build, he is happy to answer peoples questions etc. Obviously not a beginner so may not ask as much but willing to accept questions. How many of those may have not been asked as people would be less likely to take the effort to create a new thread or if they did would he see them?

I don't ask much in my build threads either but always happy to answer questions or go into more detail if asked.
My own take on this sort of fragmentation- I think it is pretty ordinary at best. To see what happens when a forum goes down this path, take a look at the prusa 3d printer forum- they currently have 535 different sub-forums and seem quite happy to make even more.
And as for not allowing comments- in my book they call them blogs (or monologues), not forums!
Last year I did design and build. It was a VTVM something I always want .

It start with the design starting in November of 2022 and finished in around June of 2023.

I found it helpful on doing something I had not done for long time.
They had no builder's log witch would have berm better for asking questions. The last I check it had over 63,000 viewer members and guests.

I think it is great having a dedicated Project Log.

What I said in the MOD forum and here:
I agree and disagree.
I won't say anything more, because if I say more, maybe some people will be embarrassed...
We consider it a test by Admin.