Need a small flat belt for my George Adams lathe

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Jun 16, 2017
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I acquired a George Adams 4 x 14 lathe at the last Cabin Fever auction in January. The lathe is complete with the exception of a motor and belts and that is the origin of my question. The lathe is configured to utilize a 1-inch flat belt for power and the way the back gear is arranged, the belt has to come from above -which mechanically is not a big problem. Where I need help is what/how/ etc. do I use for a belt and how do I join the 2 ends. The belt must be threaded through the back gear axel arrangement and is approximately14 inches long. It has been suggested that I use "cargo strap" material which is nylon (I think) and is 1 inch wide. Perhaps someone familiar with the type of thing will share their expertise. The lathe, which is constructed of heavy cast iron is as cute as a button and will make a great replacement for my Chinese kit lathe which is of similar size but doesn't even have T slots in the cross slide as the George Adams has.
I buy from leather store.
Need to hang the belt for few weeks to stretch out the lather or will do on the lathe and that is a pain.


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