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Depends on who you ask.

Some say maybe; some say definitely not.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that somebody can do a hail mary and save that show.

One converstation I had recently with someone who supports these model engine shows concerned the cost of setting up and operating a show.
The conclusion we reached is that setting up and operating a NAMES-sized show would not be cheap, and somebody has to pay for that.
It is a zero sum game; somehow the revenue produced by a show must equal the cost of setting up and running that show.
One or more sponsors with deep pockets would definitely make a difference in many cases as far as whether a show would be financially feasible.

The thing I liked about NAMES was the venue, which was I think an ice hockey arena.
The tables were set up in a large racetrack fashion, with zig-zagged tables, and that made for a nice flow of people, and provided a huge amount of table and vendor display space.

Would another venue with a different layout work as well as NAMES?
Only time will tell.
My guess is that any venue layout with good sponsors would probably succeed, assuming it is not an 18 hour drive from the middle of the US.
(My opinion) It needs to be a relatively central location, lots of easy access parking, sufficient hotels and restaurants in the area, not in a crime-ridden city, near a major expressway, and held somewhere where there is little possibility of a snowstorm or blizzard.

I think many can and do set up small model engine shows.
I think a NAMES-sized show is beyond what most groups/clubs can pull off.

One problem I have run into with a show which I use to attend is access when setting up and taking down.
Parking is very limited; one driveway in/out; and always someone who blocks the driveway and proceeds to take 45 minutes to unload his stuff.
Engines are heavy, and often expensive.
Don't expect folks to carry engines a long distance, or leave them in an unprotected/unguarded/tent space overnight.
NAMES got a lot of things right in a lot of ways.

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