My 1st Boiler Design and Build

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Very interesting pictures & description there Dusti, keep 'em coming ! Thm:
G'day all,
thanks for the positive comments, I certainly learnt a lot during this project and would recommend to anyone interested in building a boiler to have a go. Two things that I found immense help were;

1) Being a member of a live steam club. For both advice and assistance. These things get heavy as they come together and are a two man operation during the later stages.

2) Alec Farmer's book "Model Locomotive Boilermaking" has plenty of great photos and walks through step by step the building of boilers for live steam locomotives. I would describe it as a boilermaking cookbook!

Here are some more images;

The boiler flues set-up for silver brazing into the firebox tubeplate.


The tubes in place after pickling and cleaning. Note the small copper rivets that were threaded and screwed into the tubeplate to hold in place for the brazing. You can also see the marks from some over zealous copper beating.....


Inside the firebox.


The inner and outer parts of the boiler.


very nicely done and with pictures too will be watching for further instalments :)
Hi I am drawing a LNER B1 Springbok using Martins Evans drawing but using metric sizes and material. I started building about 3 months ago. I have drawn the underframe and want to start the boiler soon. Could I get a copy of your boiler to see how you model it Regards Ken

This is a terrific looking boiler. I have a 3D printer that prints in stainless steel and other metals and I think that printing a boiler would be a great research project. To print a part I need an STL file generated from a solid model. would you be willing to share an STL file for your boiler so that I could try a print?


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