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Sold Model Steam Engines Book Collection

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Mar 1, 2021
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Spring Valley WI
My collection of 17 books on Model Engineering specifically covering the subjects of Stationary Steam Engines, Live Steam Locomotives, Flash Steam & Boiler making:

Model Stationary & Marine Steam EnginesK.N. Harris 1969
Model Boilers & BoilermakingK.N. Harris 196
Miniature World of Henry Greenly. Steel & Steel. 1973
Model Mechanical EngineeringEarnest Steel 1959
Experimental Flash SteamBenson & Rayman 1973
Manual of Model Steam Locomotive Construction. Martin Evans 1960
Simple Model Locomotive Building / TICH. LBSC & Evans
Model Boilers for Road & Ploughing Engines. John Haining 1974
The Stuart Progress Model Steam Engines - Facsimile Reprint 1977
High Speed Marine Steam Engine. A.A. Rayman 1978
Simple Model Steam Engines Tubal Cain 1981
Simple Model Steam Engines-Book 2. Tubal Cain 1998
LBSC's Shop Shed & Road. Martin Evans, Editor 1969
British Steam Locomotives O.S. Nock 1968
The Dawn of World Railways. O.S. Nock 1972
Model Steam Turbines. H.H. Harrison 1978
Model Maker's Guide to Steam Boilers T.F. Craft 1978

For the most part, these books are in good to very good condition, considering their age ( spent mostly on a bookshelf). Some dust jackets show some wear.

$225 plus what it costs to ship to you.