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I have a table top humidifier that blows over my favorite chair . It doesn’t develope enough pressure to even measure. I sent an email to the above co with some questions turns out these twins don’t take s lot of pressure so my boiler concerns can go away . Mean time I also found a propane fired model boiler that’s kinda nice. Running it in the house probably is not a good idea. It has only a primitive regulator similar to the burnzomatice torch there are tv regulators but that’s getting to complicated. This very quiet air compressor could run all day and probably only come on a few times. The web site says 20 to 40 psi. Their boiler is rated up to just over 100 psi . My sister and personal accountant and care giver will have an absolute fit if I purchase this” toy”. But mech engineers never outgrow toys. Building and designing a machine that takes up several acres of shop space is the ultimate toy. Millions of dollars not a few hundred. I’ll have to come up with a few excuses for this one if I could make it drive a charger for iPhone or iPad even though the compressor would take severtimes as much pores I might be able to justify it. I thin the ITA has a mandatory dispersal at the end of the year too so I could easily use that. I can also say that if I was still playing ball I’d go through several bats a year at $150 each plus travel jersey and club fees I can maybe soften the blow a little . As you can see I’m a real tight wad but a spendthrift at the same time. She doesn’t know how much went into the lathe mill and tooling that I’m not supposed to use. LOL.
it’s snowing again. My neighbor just got a new snow blower but I’ll have a nice steamer long before I get power snow removal stuff. I have a nice shovel and hard core enough mind to handle it when necessary . Oh boy I’m off track today I also found this engine on Amazon so I could order it there prime won’t cover shipping I’m sure . thanks for the input I’ll be back later. Christmas is looking pretty bleak this year. Grand kids will have a good time I think. They are a long ways from me do we will do phone calls .
Hi Byron. Sorry to hear about your double vision. I see 2 overlapping moons with one eye without glasses, but your affliction sounds much worse. Can the opticians do nothing to help?
In the UK there are a couple of different brands that are common - others less so.
Mamod ( or later Mechano) made thousands of engines with boilers. Just little oscillators, but there are loads on 3&@y and fairly cheap, but not sure how much for export cost to USA. The smallest here can be bought for $50 or thereabouts. (but just whizzes fast and can't power anything). I make ceramic gas burners for some so I can send you a simple design. But making your own piston valve engine and boiler is straightforward - so you can teach your son how to make His engine and Boiler. Because there are so many collectors the "extras" are plentiful. safety valves, whistles, washers, etc. Boilers are brass.
Next Willesco. (German I think?) possibly considered a "better job" than Mamod by some as they use a piston valve engine. But still cheap tinplate anyway. Brass boilers are chrome plated, with a glass end window so you can watch the water disappear! I have a "traction engine" styled model I bought, to find out about them. Drop one and you get a lot of bent metal! Mine had bent bits not visible until I ran it. And with meths the paint burns off.
Try searching 3&@y anyway and see what you find.
You won’t believe what I just discovered from the same company. It’s a 4 cylinder mill model steam engine. I might have to have this one it like two of the twin cyl side by side there are so many moving things it will keep this kid busy got hours LOL THERE WAS A DHORT VIDEO OF IT OPERATING ITS SO COOL IT WOULD BE ALMOST AS EXCITING AS HAVING A HOGSON 18 cyl radial. I have his plan/drawing and dingle casting set also the big book on the 4360 P&W engine I’d love to build this but it just isn’t going to happen .
I wonder if the heating element from a "warm mist humidifier" (like this: Vicks Warm Moisture Humidifier - White/Blue) would generate enough steam?

Disclaimer: no affiliation with Target or with Vicks - just a product I have used for its intended purpose.

I sent an email to the site I noted above and less than 12 hours later I had my questions answered. Unbelievable they have a 4 cylinder mill model that is what I really like I did get a price and the dollar conversion I asked for. They have an electric boiler almost done that probably would be safer snd more practical for me also found a small air compressor battery powered that would work. They have a grooved flywheel option pretty reasonable price I could grove the stock one but the optional one mounts outboard so more practical . The little generator would be cool . I think there is enough output to drive my iPad and phone chargers that I have plugged in all day so the engine would have a function other than the gun of just having it run. They have a chrome socket head cap screw option that I’d get it’s less expensive than ordering from McMaster cart I already have a metric Allen wrench set do I have every thing to make this run. I’ll break the news to my sister caregiver this week I may get a few bruises. LOL. The reviews note excellent service from this engine company and the products look pretty nice to me. I may wait for the electric boiler it does run on our power voltage so it would be nice . Maybe even replacing my humidifier that I don’t like . Later byron
I still have the Jensen I got for Christmas when I was a kid. Was my favorite toy.

Check out They have some machined kits and finished models.


Ok here is the one that realy got my attention

hopefully that works. It’s a 4 cylinder originally noted as slide valve as I understand it bu it is a cylinder valve as far as their documentation. If you cal open the site look for the 4 cylinder one it’s really nice I sent an email to them yesterday morning my time in minnesota and by mid after noon they sent my a reply answering all my questionsthis comes as fully machined assembly kit in the description is the assembly drawing bill of parts plus there is an instruction page I read both closely. They have a number of options including a throttle and reversing valve they said it will run on 40 psi air. There is some oiler options too it has Teflon piston rings but no rings on the slider pistons all the bearings are plain brass or stainless steel it basically two of their two cylinder mill engines connected together. Apparently a single crank shaft looking at the assembly drawing. They also have an electric boiler coming after the first of the year it operates on our electric current I think about 800 watts that may be pushing a single outlet in my home I don’t know. I have an energy audit coming so I’ll ask. I’d rather not have a burner or fuel boiler indoors. I have a super quiet air compressor that would easily power it. My little humidifier doesn’t blow enough to humidify my rocking chair area.
I have Christmas and birthday coming so I just may treat myself .LOL. JUST WATCHING YHIS RUN WOULD BE HYPNOTIZING also found a smal dynamo or generator that would work
On this machine. It would provide enough to keep my iPhone and iPad charged .
Check out their site there is lots of other stuff there .if they hay this kind of service responding to email I’d have to thing customer service would be very good.
I wouldn't worry about the power requirements for the electric boiler . 800 watts = 6.6 amps so any house hold circuit will run it fine . Just don't use the same circuit as the fridge, microwave or any electric heater .
I wouldn't worry about the power requirements for the electric boiler . 800 watts = 6.6 amps so any house hold circuit will run it fine . Just don't use the same circuit as the fridge, microwave or any electric heater .
I have one circuit for a computer I’m not using so I could use that I guess. I have an electric blanket on the bed. I don’t think it takes that much power. I’ll look on the tag.
Another question. Many shafts run on plain bearings depending on lube each time you run these and lube while running . How would pre living with never seize work ? I have done this on other plain bearing shafts with good results it seeams to repel water ok . These engines have lots of oil fittings or places to oil while running brass on very smooth steel with even minor oil seems to run forever . This 4 cylinder has piston or spool valves that rude on smooth bores. I’d guess depending on oiled steam for lube my toy steamer ran for a very long time with no real wear on the rocking surface. I did oil it when running but it never really wore out. Looking at some of the larger steamer rebuilds usually show major shaft and bore damage there are lots of moving parts in the 4cyl so if if I spring for one I’d like not to have it wear out early I’ll have ready oil and oilers where needed. If it runs on compressed air it’s easy to add dryer to remove moisture and oiler . We use this for air tools all the time in the shop.

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