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Milling Machine for sale

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Brian Rupnow

Design Engineer
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May 23, 2008
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada
For Sale
Craftex CT129 Milling Machine
This is a square column bench style milling machine.
Purchased new in 1998 for $1100.00 from Busy Bee Tools in Barrie.
This has been a very dependable little milling machine and is still in excellent shape. I have used it to build numerous working model steam engines and internal combustion engines.
I am a design engineer, and have added many upgrades to the mill since I bought it. I found that the handwheel at the top of the square column which raises and lowers the head was uncomfortable to reach, so I added an auxiliary handle at the bottom of the column with a chain drive to the top handwheel, which makes it much more ergonomically suitable for me to reach.
The mill originally came with table stops only on the X axis, so I designed and added a table stop system for the Z axis.
The digital readout for the Y axis failed soon after I got the mill, so I added a digital caliper with electronic readout to the vertical Z axis.
The mill came with no depth stop on the vertical quill travel, so I added a depth stop mechanism to allow repeatable depth drilling of multiple holes.
This mill comes with a welded steel base, which incorporates an auxiliary tool shelf and has a built in bracket for tying the stand into a wall stud to give the entire mill and base a greater stability.
The mill also comes with a 2” boring head and brazed carbide boring bars, which was purchased from “Little Machine Shop” in USA.
Also included is a complete set of “tee nuts” and hold down bars for holding work to the mill table.
There is a chuck included, as well as both 3/8” and ½” collets to fit the spindle.
The spindle taper is MT2
The table/bed measures 7” x 19.5” and the travel is 11 ¼” in X axis and 5 ¼” in Z axis
The quill vertical travel is 2”
The mill operates on 110 volt house current, and the spindle is driven by a variable speed motor with high and low range, and is reversible.
The head will tilt 45 degrees to right or left if desired.
If you google “CT129 Craftex milling machine” it will bring up a complete pdf file of the documentation for this mill, and I still have all of the original documentation.
The time has come for me to move up to a larger capacity mill, so I am selling everything described above for $600 cash.
Brian Rupnow 705-734-6271
[email protected]
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Aug 18, 2008
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I remember a yankee trader story on the definition of a bargain... both parties walk away happy... good luck with the new mill.



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Jan 22, 2010
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Is that a 27 Chevy in the background?

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