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Looking for Bob Shores Little Hurcules and Silver Eagle plans

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May 16, 2011
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Tranquility Base, Moon
This is for all of you out there that have finished with your Little Hercules and Silver Eagle plans after you built your engines. I purchased some casting kits from an estate and, unfortunately, the plans had been separated from the casting kits. For that matter, two of the flywheels were also missing for the Silver Eagle engine, for which I'll have to figure out an alternative (probably make my own). I've contacted the new owners and we'll see what they have to say... But the best solution would be to find someone that has a set of plans that are no longer needed. I'm looking for both the drawings and the suggestions sheets.

I can help you clean out your files of stuff you no longer need, and you can get a few dollars in the process. :)
Might be tough to find someone with a running engine to part with the plans. Maybe others are different but I would never part with my plans in the event I have an engine failure and need them to repair or replace some parts. Buy a set from the new owner and never part with them. You know Murphy's law. If you have them you will never need them. I'll take that deal any day.
Yeah, I guess there are different schools of thought on that, so it doesn't hurt to ask. The new owner's of the line have now gotten back to me, so I may just get the plans through them; however, I'll probably let this thread percolate a bit before then just to see if someone bites. One way or the other, it looks like it will work out. I'm also hoping that the original owner's estate finds the plans and flywheels (especially the latter!) while going through the stuff. That would be the best of all worlds, although I think it is somewhat unlikely at this point.
What is this about a new owner? Are Bobs plans and kits going to be available again? Did I miss an announcement?
They have always been available from Bob's wife Margaret until recently some fellows including Paul Knapp have taken them in there care. All the plans and casting kits are available thru them except the 2 V4 engines which are still available thru Dirk tollonaar.

Are you sure about that Steve? I was under the impression that the entire operation, including the website, was sold off, but I may be wrong. However, I guess it is somewhat academic. As an entity, you can purchase many of the casting kits through the modelenginecastings.com website. The person with whom I have recently had correspondence is Mike Showah.

I'm finding that it might not make sense for me to move forward with the SE, unless I build my own flywheels. By the time I buy those and the plans, I'm $50 short of just getting the whole thing again. So, I'll may scrap that engine, sell what I have, or purchase a complete kit and use the plans to finish off both engines (using fabricated flywheels). I haven't really decided yet. I'm traveling in Europe now so I have some time to think about it.