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Mar 3, 2009
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On a hunch I called a local auction house to see if they had any Steelcase desks in storage somewhere. Sometimes they won't sell at one auction so they buy them for a buck or two and when they get a pile they have an in-house sale. They just had that sale 2 weeks ago and sold everything they had. As luck would have it they had 1 come in today that they had gotten for a local charity that backed out at the last minute. Talk about timing!! I picked it up for $30. It is the typical gray job with tons of drawers (tool storage!!). I swung past the Habitat for Humanity resale shop and scored a well-seasoned 9 foot long 1x12 for another fin and the makings for my lathe stand are now complete. ;D

I do 90% of my machining sitting down so the desk is a perfect stand for my needs. Sitting on my favorite stool the chuck is just about chest high. Right where I wanted it! Pics to follow when I get the lathe moved over.

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