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Nov 19, 2008
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Sterling Heights, MI
Kevin Thomas served as the vice president of the Metro Detroit Metalworking Club for many years Officially. In his time as vise he acted as the president 95% of the time so he was the head of the club.

Kevin started to build a panther pup many years ago. As we all know life gets in the way and he was never able to finish it before he passed. He talked about it often enough that when he passed, his daughter asked about the finished parts and expressed an interest in having them. Kurt told me about it and we devised a scheme to put it together enough so it can be displayed unfinished but assembled as far as it can go. After taking inventory of what was there and what was left we decided to finish the project.

With a list of what was needed and drawings of those parts, we asked for volunteers at the next club meeting. The balance of the parts were completed and parts were donated. Today it is complete and it will be given to has daughter in just over a weeks time.

Just wanted to give Kevin a public thank you for taking control of the club and to the members who stepped up to give his daughter something to remember her dad!


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Great that all you fellows contributed to provide a memorial for his daughter
That is and outstanding effort by all involved.

I know the feeling; I have yet to complete my dad's Scientific American, but perhaps I will revisit it and pull it off, after seeing this.

Inspirational story for sure !
I've just gotta add congratulations to the people who worked on that. It is a fitting memorial and a heck of a nice thing to do.


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