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lee webster

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Oct 4, 2019
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Cornwall UK
I finally found the time to get my new resin printer set up. I discovered that the FEP film on the resin vat had some ripples in it. This is not a good thing in a film that is supposed to be under tension. But I decided to try a print anyway. I had three files ready to print and loaded the first into the printer, press start and get it going. One mistake I made was putting too much resin in the vat, I wouldn't be able to see the condition of the print until it was above the level of the resin. Lesson one learned. An hour into a four hour print I could see that part of the print had failed. I pressed stop to have a look. Out of the five items on the build plate, one had failed, three were fine, and the fifth hadn't had time to do either. The surface finish was excellent! Glass smooth, my elderly camera doesn't do the prints justice. I am posting three images. IMG-2061 is a name plate. The green plate is from the resin printer, the blue from my Ender3. The fillet on the lettering is half a mm. IMG-2064 is the best close up I could get, it shows more detail. IMG-2065 is 55mm across the top.
I have a lot more to learn about 3D resin printing. I am not sure what to do about the FEP.
PS. The smell was nowhere near as bad as I expected! I used a water washable resin.


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