3D print two flywheel patterns, PLA and resin.

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lee webster

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Oct 4, 2019
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Cornwall UK
I decided that instead of reprinting my conrod pattern I would repair the pattern and print something else. That something else is the flywheel for the engine I am working on, it has two. I sliced the STL file in Cura5 for the Ender3, duplicated the pattern half to give me the two sides, and set it printing. Estimated time for the print was six hours-ish at 0.2 layer height. I also loaded the STL into Prusa slicer, just one half, and hollowed it out and added drain holes and supports. This file was then saved as a new STL and loaded into Photon workshop. Prusa slicer can't produce a sliced file for the Anycubic resin printers as yet. In Photon workshop I duplicated the STL file and sliced it for the resin printer. I then set the resin printer going. Estimated print time was six hours. I checked on the progress of both printers now and then. The Ender3 was not having a good time, I think the bed might be warping. I didn't worry too much about that as I am used to repairing the bottom of my prints where bed problems have caused partial failure. The resin printer was happily chugging away, but I couldn't see anything until the parts cleared the resin tray some time after starting. The flywheel halves were looking very good. When the resin print had finished I could then see that the print was not good at all. The halves had printed, but there was a fair bit of distortion in both of them. I put the printer build plate including flywheels into a large container of water in the wash and cure machine and set the wash process for ten minutes. I the removed the water vat and set the cure time for two minutes for both sides. The Ender3 had also finished by now and the prints were a lot better than I had thought they would be. I am including three photo's of the flywheels showing the distortion on the resin flywheel which occured in two places, and the almost perfect PLA flywheels. I have taped the two halves together for sanding and filling. I wll cast one flywheel from each of the prints to compare them.




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