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Sold Is Air Cooled Lil Brother more/less desirable than Water Cooled?

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Jun 29, 2009
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I have a water cooled Lil Brother kit with all original plans and gears that I want to sell. I saw this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/225972357020 went on eBay last month for $288. At first I thought they had wrong engine, but then saw it was just air-cooled version. Is air cooled worth more? It also had no plans with it.



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I think when Paul Breisch originally sold them they were the same price or very close in price. I bought the water cooled version in the mid 70's and still have the original pamphlet somewhere.
I think the water colled versions of several engines are more popular than the air cooled. You see a lot more water cooled Associateds, Redwings, RLEs etc

I've a set of the watercooled Hired Man and prefer it to the watercooled though the fan on the side does add some interest
Paul also sold both spark plug and Ignitor versions which gave 4 combinations. I picked up a partially completed ignitor air cooled, need to finish it .
Minicastings were selling them for $250 + tax back in 2017 so a reasonable price given they are no longer being sold and cost of castings has gone up a lot since then.