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Oct 29, 2021
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That looks an interesting design, do you have any images of what the completed engine will look like?

I'm intrigued as to how the will activate the valves, can't tell from the photo if it is a mirror image on the other side or if just one valve with the other being in the heads.

Here are pics of cores. The core prints do nut fully support the cores so they are pinned in place with pins to stop them from falling out from top and also from floating in the bottom while aluminium is liquid
The plan is to cut down on machining setups and errors in machining the main body and cylinder jugs. I can face the top of cylinder, bore out valve bodies and cylinder and drill head bolts in one setup.
The petrobond explains the high quality casting, and the surface finish indicates you did not pour too hot.

Pouring too hot causes a lot of burn-in, and a rough surface finish.

Did you use a pyrometer?
No i use a electric kiln so base my melts on time as it is slow melting and easier to control. I am planning on getting a pyrometer as I use propane to melt bronze. Have not had issues with bronze or aluminium burning into sand. However the hotter the melt and or size of casting cross section affects the depth of burnt sand. For example if I pour open face ingots the amount is substantial

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