I build a "Cracker Steam Train"

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Jun 24, 2010
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yesterday my friend Imanuel has brought me with the search for a new project on a small and easy Dampflock.

The Cracker Steam Train for track 1.

An easy, but metrical bemaster plan in addition, only unfortunately, with a very small picture as a whole view is to be found here.
http: // www.john-tom.com / html / SteamPlans2.html
However, there one can do from it something and I plan it.

If I have started to provide just with it for my CNC mill the files for the chassis record and frames, so that I them maybe tomorrow on it would already eat can.

The kettle has a measure which corresponds about to one drain pipe and by the low size, and the low vapour pressures to be expected one can use such a thin brass pipe for it well.

The locomotive is to be provided with a rather low Matreial and expense. I can build the part practically completely from the leftovers box.

Great! There's lots of Crackers threads on here, so if you have a question more than likely the answer is in one of them, or if not, the builders ;)

Hello Shred,

thanks for the offer.
I would have a question. I lack to the plan 3 sides view. Is there such a thing?


Today I have milled with my CNC Mill from 1 mm of brass metal the Running plate and both Frames. Would be of that I could still do both buffers Beams.

Today thus I could already screw together the base of the chassis of the small locomotive.

Further I do another time




Edwin, that looks like you are off to a great beginning. "Crackers" are always fun to watch while they are being built, not to mention when they a running on the track but let us not get too far out in front of the horse ;D) And one out of brass plating is a real nice touch as well Thm:

Thanks for sharing with us

Im glad im not the only one building a cracker. Great start keep up the great work

thanks for the help. Nevertheless, thus I get further a little.

This morning I have continued again a little in my locomotive.

Now, nevertheless, for the kettle I have turned off 33 mm of brass pipe from brass 63. This is also not especially good by his softy Tenaciously to work on.
I had to turn off it on a depth of 67 mm and a wall strength of 0.5 mm.
To be able to manage well with this soft brass with a 10 mm of drilling steel I have sharpened first an old turn record with my diamond disc sharply.
To be able to turn off certainly the pipe on this length, I use for the support mine stationary support.
In order to smudge I use, by the way prefer graphite fat, especially in this case, with the brass on brass should glide. I have put the pressure slide bearing, besides, only quite easily, because these become very quickly hot, otherwise, and then the whole eats.
To get the surface a little bit better I have for the last passageways with which I only with 0.05 mm of delivery and approx. 1200 rpm work a very sharply polished rotary steel HSS uses.
Now on turning off I could cut the kettle pipe wonderfully.
Besides, I left 0.5 mm of alliance in which later one of the lids can nicely lie.
The smoke box I come along deviating from plan from a separate piece of brass I here likewise just contrasts,
Then I have so turned off the smoke box that I can put the later kettle 2 mm deep in the smoke box.

Further I do during another day.