Horizontal open crankcase engine in "The Home Shop Machinist" magazine

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Brian, good for them and an a great compliment to you, I used to get them years ago but got to where it was more advertisement, than projects, even very simple ones, would it be possible to purchase a copy of the prints from you, thanks, Joe
Brian, not everyone subscribes to Home Shop Machinist, Pete.
Will do that Brian, thanks, I used to also get projects in Metal, but them to more venders adds and very seldom would get a project, I don't remember but one of them had started little projects that could be done on the weekend of simple tooling that one could make but only lasted a couple of issues, so after a while you had a great big stack of magazines with nothing in them to learn or do, thanks for the answer, Joe
Lathe nut--I totally agree with you. I don't have subscriptions to any model or machining magazines either. This particular magazine has been very good to me, this is the fourth engine that has been featured in their magazine.---Brian