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Dec 29, 2022
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Thank you for adding me. I'm a mechanical designer and model aircraft builder during free time.
In the future i would like to build the engine (radial engine) for the airplane i'm currently designing.
I don't have any experience in engine building, but i'm studying the engine theory and with your help i'm sure that i will make it
Ciao e benvenuto. If this is your first engine, building a radial engine is an ambition project.

Here is my Edward 5 on the test bench.


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Ciao e grazie per il benvenuto. Your engine is amazing, and i know make it is an ambition project.
First of all i'm searching a milling machine, beacuse currently i have only a little lathe (Proxxon PD 250).
Regarding the engine, i found a plan for a 7 cylinder (70cc-glow) in old magazine, and i will modify it to obtain a 5 cylinder of a 50cc. but i want to keep the same stroke, bore, and cylinder design of the original plan
Hi Peter, i live near Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna region)
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Ah, down South. I'm always looking for model engineers in the Trieste area. Although two countries away, it's only an hour from here.
Sorry, but Trieste is far away from Reggio Emilia. Good luck for your designer research.

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