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Oct 7, 2008
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Hi Guys

Well after lurking around here for awhile I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Dave Otto; I live and work in Boise Idaho

I’m still working full time and do machine work on the side in my home shop. The machine work pays for my tools and toys which works out pretty well; but it does take time away from my hobbies; which are stationary engines and Model Engineering.

My real job is an equipment maintenance technician for a large well known electronics company. I have been there for close to 30 years now.

My interests in Model Engineering are mostly centered on IC engines and Hot Air. I really enjoy seeing other people’s projects and accomplishments.

I look forward to being part of the Home Model Engine Machinist community and maybe sharing my projects when I have time.

Best regards,
Welcome Dave it looks like you have a good start on most of us by looking at your avatar.
Welcome Dave, happy to have you here.

idahoan said:
...and maybe sharing my projects...

Welcome to the forum Dave.
I hope that 'maybe' is more like reality. Would like to see your projects.
Welcome to the forum! Please share your projects, I'm always interested. ;D
Let me add something about Dave. He is much too modest to beat his own drums, so let me do it.

Dave's workmanship ranks among the best of the best. I see what he's built and I drool over it in awe. Dave's finished projects stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Welcome aboard, Dave.

Best regards,


Welcome to our forum.

Best Regards
I just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome; I will see what I can do about some pictures.

I getting ready to head to GEARS next week and looking forward to the show.

Best regards,

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