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Mar 12, 2021
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three months ago I started with my first steps to use the arduino uno for my projects. So I am quite new to Arduino, but not new to to this world.
At the moment I have two arduino projects: 1. Arduino rotary table; 2. Arduino end mill flutes grinding with two stepper.

For both projects I wrote own sketches, using the AccelStepper program.
They work very well, but I need the computer to set new values.
So I decided to use the program of rodw to make things more comfortable.
Actually, I use the version rotary 11.

Everything ist fine with the LCD shield, all commands are active.

But when I start the program, funny things happend. When I set the motor frequency above 350 Hz, the motor will overrun the speed and go down to a low frequency.

Below 350 Hz this problem is gone.

After running some divisions, the motor will ramp down the speed, but runs constantly.
After an Arduino reset, everthing is fine again.

If I run normal divisions, like 6, the rotary table acts very precise. When using for example 7 devisions, I will loose several steps. So I think, that the step correction is not running.
It would be very helpful if I can get some advices, how to solve this problems.

best regards