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they do make a 40k rpm air spindle for it, id probably use a roto zip or something i guess....I think its a fair price (i can afford it any way)
Can i run a 1/16" ball end mil at that low a speed? cutting aluminum...
I think many of us tend to run conservative speeds and feeds in the home shop.
I remember in USAF Machining school the lathe section we were required to calculate rpm for aluminum IIRC it was a 1" round bar and the calculated answer was something well over a thousand rpm . Then the instructor tell us to use something like 540 rpm.
The calculated rpm for a 1" aluminium bar on LMS calulator is 1910 I do not think I ever run that fast. And my shaper would likely be jumping if I used recommend speeds for aluminum. So conservative speeds are fine . but still leaves the question of what is too slow?
So can you run an 1/8 ball endmill at 2 k probably . Would faster be better ? yes.

Well just got back from looking at the mill. Left a deposit and will be picking it up on saturday. Its very very nice all most new and hasnt seen much use at all.

Tin sounds like your shaper runs like mine...Maybe we should have a shaper drag race LOL
IIRC the syl america x-2 go for the same or more than what you are paying.
Good luck with the new machine.
You will soon discover that the limited Z travel will be a pain. Also taking the machine out of tram and then returning it to tram is a real pain on these mills. Does it have ball screw on all axis. I expect that they are still using the rack and pinion for the Z axis.

There are better machines out there. Tormach 770 is a very nice machine. It does cost more money, but you get what you pay for.

2k RPM for a 1/16' ball end mill is way slow. I run 1/16 at 18,000 on an high speed spindle on my machine.

Dave, that tormach 770 is $8000.00. I'm getting this machine for $2700. It's all I can afford right now, but I am thinking I may put a ballscrew on the z inside the column instead of having it driving the quill.
I think this machine has a vfd on the spindle, and it does have the jog pendant, one shot lube, cooling, bench/stand, and some tooling. Haven't seen it run yet and won't know if it does until I get it home.
But I think its a great start at a good price.
Air Turbine ??

I'm looking at one I saw at IMTS show in Chicago last week. Made by airturbinetools dot com.
Model 730MX 40K RPM ( ER11 - 1/4" COLLET ) my choice. Model # 70002, I think.

Less than $800. My use will be light duty, so I think quality of this one is excellent.

Held one in my hand, virtually no vibration, just a little whine.
getting back to it yes you can run a .06 end mill at 2000 rpm just slow the feed down accordingly some thing towards 1 inch a min. and say soluble oil as a coolant cutting fluid I haven't really found the " you get what you pay for" actually works that well as a rule