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Just a stab in the dark,but is it possible to make an adaptor for your
spindle mount to take R8 or MT then you fit a larger selection of
tooling available cheaply for those more common fitting
Just had a quick look on the net and the NT40 taper seems to be
a simple 16.26o taper to 1 3/4" large diameter with a drawbar
Plenty of meat to machine out for an R8 or MT. I remember many
years ago making such adators for various tooling It should not be too difficult
An interesting exercise maybe
Hi Guys, Barry,

I've searched the net for "NT41" taper tool holders, I'm not even sure that they exist, but "NT40" are very common ! I seem to recall seeing an "NT40" tool holder adaptor with an "R8" socket, there was a modified drawbar that went right through the adaptor.

I did recommend to Wesley that he took his tool holder to a local engineering firm and ask them to have a look, or even borrow an "NT40" one to try on his machine.

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