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It has been a while since I worked on my Farm Boy engine. There have not been any replies to my question and I assembled the engine with the flyball weights as they were without any problems. I am assuming an error on the prints.
As long as the governor weights fit where they need to be without interference you will be fine. You will make speed adjustments with different spring tensions.
I built SN# 003 and SN# 003-x2 (twice as big). On the weights they are correct. Since it near impossible to solder the pins into the barrel distance with accuracy, it was made to solder the pins in then and then screw the brass balls down till you get the size you need. Then either solder or lock-tite in position. Really doesn't matter much as long as your ball weights don't hit the spokes.

One other thought, after many years, I had one of my weights break free. I then remade the barrels, instead of 1/4" dia. I made them 5/16" dia. Just a little more meat to solder to. The clearance between the spinning barrel and the latch out lever is close but it is doable.


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