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I have Elmer's book. If you can hang on, i'll make good copies tonight and post them here. That is for no #6
Sorry, i could not get good scans, it is difficult to get a hard cover book in the scanner. I took photos with my cellphone. Hope this will get you going. I will try something else to make good copies.


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Elmer's complete book is public Domain and available at John-tom.com . Scroll way down towards the end.
Lots of other good stuff there too.
What a wonderful resource! Is the book available as a single downloadable file (I couldn't find one), or must it be downloaded one project at a time?

I would also like to build this engine. Where did you find a complete page three?

Thank you

As mentioned before, quite difficult to scan a hardcover book in a flat bed scanner, thus not the best of image but i think this will be sufficient to build the engine?


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Thank you Johan

That is exactly what I need. Sure do appreciate your efforts.

I was just hoping around the WWW of old site I was very interested in years ago. I saved many files and the info you are looking for, the Elmers #6 Slider is here in its entirety with all of the build instructions. I hope you have more success than myself. Life has it ways of getting in the way of our plans. If you or anyone else want the Elmer Verburg plans well send them my way. Please keep my address I would like to see the finished engine.
Good luck on the build.
Nelson Collar
[email protected]


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I have all the builds and they are the Elmer Verburg's files.
Give me a shout and I would be more than obliged to share.
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I see what you are talking about and can not understand why it is in that condition. And it is not a flat bed scanner. The page being scanned is the left hand page and no where near the center.
The only thing I see is the "Valve Rod" that dimension is 1 3/16".
Hopefully this helps.
Nelson Collar

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