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Jan 26, 2012
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Hi All
The Knucklehead Plans are "FINALLY DONE". There should be (8 ZIP Files), that contain a total of (11 ZIP Files) Total of 108 drawings, which may have as many as 8 parts per page. Check to see the drawing size, and print them by size. Total of 19 dwf files that can be read by downloading viewer at autodesk.com, Total 18 movies of assembly. Dont forget to read the TOS at the bottom of the web page.
Videos on YouTube

Remember these plans are free, If you like my plans, please consider donating a couple of $ to a great site, where people that are willing to help on almost everything.
Enjoy Watch here for any updates, or changes.


View attachment kh-plans1.zip

View attachment kh-plans2.zip

View attachment kh-plans3.zip

View attachment gear-system.zip

View attachment fuel-system.zip

View attachment master-parts-list.zip

View attachment heads.zip

View attachment heads-2.zip

View attachment knucklehead.mp4
I decided to cast this two parts, I am having problems with the gearing in the box is there a picture available showing the gearing
Have you looked through the .zip download named gear-system? It contains all the gears but you will have to use the dimensions in the cam box drawings to locate their shafts. - Terry
Hi very interested in building a full TRIUMPH OR BSA, NORTON or any Single say around 1900 to 1940s, need full plans scale does not matter , as i will change to suit. thanks
Hi very interested in building a full TRIUMPH OR BSA, NORTON or any Single say around 1900 to 1940s, need full plans scale does not matter , as i will change to suit. thanks

You might want to check into Hasluck's "Work" series, which has a section on several versions of single cylinder motorcycle engines from 1900 to 1905 or so.
The other possibility is looking into the work of T. Hyler White, who was an engineer for Daimler in the 1890's, and who designed several small one-cylinder gasoline motorcycle engines and their accompanying frames, from 1898 to 1904. He also designed some early gas and steam cars, but that is not what you are asking about.
Hello Draw-Tech Jack,

I would like your permission to modify your drawings for 3d printing. I am currently busy on a nice little V4 from Jerry Howell. After that I might either do his V-twin or your knuckle head.
The idea is to reproduce all the parts into a working model that can be 3d printed. For this to work each part has to be painstakingly evaluated for 3d printing and modified so it can work together with other 3d parts. Not easy work but I like doing it. New bearings need to be used in many cases, and fasteners will need to be modified to scale.
In the attached files you can see an example of what I do with the existing drawings while creating a 3d model for printing. Many test prints are involved before it works, but the process interests me. For instance the wrist pins are redesigned for an M3 SCS and nut. Also the brobze bushings in the big ends need to be replaced with bearings. Little things to talk about but lots of fun work.
One engine I have already printed is the Ford V8 Flathead. You can find a video of this engine here:

This video is not mine, I have not posted my work anywhere yet.
Looking forward to hear from you, and of course if you agree I will share the files here for those who want to try printing it as well. But it will take time, lots!


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Quick update of what was modeled today....
Jerry Howell made drawings that are step by step machining details. It is very very very difficult to derive at the finished part measurements while not actually doing the machining. But slowly.
I would truly love to have a go at the Knuckle head in question. Not only is it a classic Harley, which is close to my heart, it simply is a nice looking engine that deserves to be displayed.
And like I said, once finished all the parts will be shared for free here too.


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