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Mar 9, 2024
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West Kootenay BC Canada
I posted an image several days ago in Machine Modifications to show my modified George Thomas Versatile Dividing Head. I should have posted that picture in the Boo Boo section. The image showed drilling and milling the starting rod holes in the flywheel of my model Cat Sixty crawler tractor. Each hole was drilled and then canted backwards with two plunge passes of an end mill. They looked fine BUT were the wrong hand.

They should have been canted to suit clockwise starting viewed from the front but were made counter clockwise. They will never be used for starting so were just cosmetic, I doubt many would notice the mistake, but I have to please my toughest critic - myself.

Fortunately there’s a step in the flywheel perimeter so I was able to conceal machining off the holes and fixing on a replacement ring approximately 3/8 inch in cross section. This gave me a second chance to cut the holes correctly. Wish all my screwups were as easy to fix and that I noticed them while the machine setup was still in place.
Just re-assembled a DC PM Motor - it goes backwards... - Check Check Check! Just another half-hour needed to strip it out again, reassemble correctly, and re-build into the lathe...
I could swap wires, but then the wrong coloured wires would be in wrong holes on the reversing switch... Bound to confuse me at a later date!
Being a Numpty fills my life with jobs I should not need to do... again...

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